Chicken, beef, pork 11.95
Shrimp or seafood 15.95
Vegetables and tofu 10.95
Substitute brown rice 2.00
Substitute egg fried rice 2.00
  • Stir-fried sweet chili paste (Pad Prix Pow)**Onion, scallion, and carrots in roasted chili paste.
  • Zucchini with brown sauceFresh slices of green and yellow zucchini in light brown sauce wi/th a touch of garlic.
  • Sweet and Sour Chunk of pineapple, tomato, cucumber,onion, and scallion.
  • Pad Cashew NutsOnion, scallion, and cashew nuts in brown sauce.
  • Kapow***Broccoli, bell pepper, and basil leaves in chili garlic sauce.
  • Ginger stir-friedGinger, black mushroom, onion and scallion in light bean sauce.
  • Veggies DelightMixed veggies sauteed with our homemade garlic brown sauce.
  • Pad Prix King**Sauteed red chili paste with kaffir lime leaves and green beans.
  • Stir-fried BroccoliFresh broccoli in our homemade oyster sauce with a touch of garlic.
  • Spicy Eggplant***Fresh Chinese eggplant, onion, bell peppers and basil leaves in chili garlic bean sauce.
  • Deep seaCelery, onion, scallion, and egg in a delicious yellow curry sauce.
  • Pepper GarlicWhite pepper and garlic in light brown sauce with steamed broccoli and carrots.
  • Whole Rock Fish SEASONAL Crispy fried with chili sauce and fresh basil** Steamed with fresh chili, garlic in lemon lime sauce
  • Crispy whole flounder/Red Snapper SEASONAL Chili and garlic basil sauce** Black bean, ginger sauce
  • Soft Shell Crab (2) SEASONAL Pepper Garlic Chili and garlic basil sauce** Black bean, ginger sauce Yellow curry sauce *
*Mild     **Medium     ***Hot